The Artist Kitchen was created out of a love for the arts, wanting a place to engage creatively with the community and a passion for cooking. It’s grown over the years from a craftsman home in Asheville, North Carolina, to a boutique mocktail lounge in beautiful downtown Marshall, North Carolina.

Founder, Carlos Vera felt the need to create a sober alternative in a swanky artistic themed lounge, a place where everyone is welcome to gather, mingle, and express themselves. Our sober lounge offers live music, live art, in a unique environment that stimulates the senses.


In 2008, Carlos purchased a fixer upper craftsman house in Asheville, NC. This provided him with a home base for his career as a traveling live painter and production artist. Shortly after establishing himself in Asheville, Carlos became a care provider. His father moved in with him from California and his mother moved from New Orleans to a home close by. Carlos’s mother was diagnosed with cancer soon after arriving and Carlos’s career as a traveling artist came to a halt, his gigs suffered, and his performance hindered. Carlos motivated by this misfortune began to express his creativity in and around his home, giving it a working title of “The Artist Kitchen.” This home became a happening for the community, many artists gathered, and collaborations were had.

Carlos eventually sold his home, transferring the proceeds to further creative rehabs with other properties. In 2018, after his mother’s passing from cancer and his father establishing sustainability, Carlos made a momentous decision to give up the crutch of alcohol use and charge full force in a positive direction, rebuilding his life and bringing The Artist Kitchen in Marshall, NC to full fruition.


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