You don’t need alcohol to make a toast!  The Artist Kitchen serves alcohol free “mocktails” that everyone can enjoy. We use fresh ingredients to create a unique culinary experience. They range from the classic TAK martini to the French Broad mule (yeah, ginger beer and all)! But that’s not it...The Artist Kitchen offers some tasty treats and delicious tea to consume while festivities with local artists ensue.




The Artist Kitchen was created out of a love for the arts, wanting a place to engage creatively with the community and a passion for cooking. It’s grown over the years from a craftsman home in Asheville, North Carolina, to a boutique mocktail lounge in beautiful downtown Marshall, North Carolina.

Founder, Carlos Vera felt the need to create a sober alternative in a swanky artistic themed lounge, a place where everyone is welcome to gather, mingle, and express themselves. Our sober lounge offers live music, live art, in a unique environment that stimulates the senses.




Carlos’s vision is to reach beyond the boundaries of individual pieces of artwork and transform an entire space into an ever-changing creative environment. The floor to ceiling murals takes you on a journey throughout the entire building. Dressed in a mixture of antique, modern and re-purposed furnishings, chessboards, barber chairs, and Art Deco lighting The Artist Kitchen makes the perfect space for your next event! 

Weddings, birthday parties, anniversary parties, holiday gatherings, photo shoots, etc. The Artist Kitchen transforms to fit your event needs.